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(HIDDEN) Native Wicks Platinum Plus Cotton (PRE-ORDER)
Native Wicks Platinum Plus


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Organically grown and sourced, Native Wick Platinum Plus cotton presents a high quality wicking material carefully chosen from some of the world's best cotton to provide the best possible vaping experience. Featuring an improved mesh of fibers neatly aligned to ensure quick and efficient absorption of eliquid as well as increased longevity due to a higher resistance to heat and a purity hard to match, Platinum Plus cotton delivers unparalleled flavor. A must have for rebuildable enthusiasts, Platinum Plus + cotton is Native Wicks' trump card, crafted with a quality that we've yet to see in the vape industry.

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  • Resealable travel sized bag
  • Cotton fibers aligned to increase rate of eliquid absorption
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Pesticide, bleach, and additive free
  • Grown, processed, and packaged in the USA
  • Conforms to USP standards for pharmaceutical cotton
  • Conforms to FDA CFRs for Food Contact Substance

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Original Price: (Members Only)
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